Payments for Buyers and Sellers

Question: How are payments sent to Sellers?

Answer: You can choose to have your payment sent to you either by check or using PayPal.

Question: How long will it take to receive my payment?

Answer: Please note if this is your first time selling a gift card on Card Surge Marketplace there is a 15 day waiting period for all new sellers. The first payment will be sent after the 15 day waiting period has ended. The waiting  period begins when Card Surge acknowledges that your gift card has been sold to a buyer. This is a one time waiting period and does not apply to repeat sellers. Payments for repeat sellers are issued 10 days after the date of the sale. There is no waiting period for repeat sellers but an identity verification process may be necessary.

Question: It has been more than 10 business days and I have not received my payment, what can I do?
Answer: Please check your PayPal account to make sure that PayPal has not placed a hold on your funds.
Answer: Contact Card Surge customer support by telephone or email and we will assist you.

Question: I misplaced the check I received from Card Surge, what can I do?

Answer: If your payment check is misplaced or stolen please contact Card Surge Customer Support immediately.
Answer: There may be a $50 charge for any lost or stolen checks. This fee covers the cost of cancelling and replacing the check. 

Question: Are there any fees for receiving payments?

Answer: There is no fee for receiving payment by check.
Answer: PayPal may charge users a fee to receive money. The Seller is responsible for this fee.
Answer: There is no fee to receive a payment using Zelle. 

Question: What types of payment methods do you accept for buying?

Answer: We currently only accept PayPal for Marketplace orders.

 Why can't I pay for my Marketplace order using Bitcoin?
Answer: We currently do not support Bitcoin payments on our Marketplace.

Question: Why wasn't I able to complete my order?

Answer: To complete a purchase of an item you are bidding on you must wait until the auction ends and be the highest bidder for that listing to earn the right to purchase that item at the price of the highest bid. The highest bidder must also meet the minimum reserve price if there is one.

Answer: Please check to make sure you are using a valid payment method or check with your credit card company if the payments was declined.

Question: Can I trade my gift card for a different gift card?

Answer: Currently our Marketplace does not offer gift card trading options.

Question: Is there a fee for mail delivery and how much does it cost?

Answer: It depends if you are the buyer or the seller, the seller pays all fees associated with mail delivery of a plastic gift card to the buyer. Please see the Site Fees section for specific costs for each delivery method available for sellers. The seller is provided with a shipping label by Card Surge to ship the gift card to the buyer.